Measuring a child’s blood sugar

Type 1 diabetes burdens the whole family on daily bases, although, in principle, a simple insulin treatment exists.

In order to keep a child’s blood sugar on safe level, the family is to make tens of treatment adjustments every day. When concerning a same gravity level disease, decisions are usually made by medical professionals, only.

Blood sugar level can be monitored round-the-clock by a subcutaneous glucose sensor and the insulin dose by a ratio pump without constant injections.

Yet, predicting the changes of the blood sugar level is a really difficult task, even inconceivable some times.

Our project is aiming to increase the type 1 diabetic patients’ daily safety by creating an open source API solution. The solution is using only permission based data, given by the child or their family.

Our goal is to create a safe IOT data flow from sensors and pumps to HUS. The project follows MyData philosophy, and the permission process is based on the IHAN concept. 

Project Participants

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More information

Birgit Paajanen, Project Manager, birgit.paajanen[at]

Päivi Miettinen, Chief Physician, HUS Children and Adolescent, paediatric endocrine clinic, paivi.miettinen[at]