Home dialysis

The number of patients on dialysis is constantly increasing both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. Dialysis therapy is expensive, time consuming and limiting, life-sustaining treatment.

Home dialysis is individually tailored therapy, which gives patients a better quality of life and a better prognosis. Comorbidity is lower as well. In addition, the costs of home dialysis are significantly lower than the costs of dialysis performed in a hospital. However, bringing dialysis treatment to a patient’s home is burdensome and complicated for both the patient and the health care unit providing the treatment.

The CleverHealth Network home dialysis project aims to identify patients suitable for home dialysis at an early stage, and to create an application that patients can use already at the pre-dialysis stage and continue to use throughout their dialysis therapy. The application would gather monitoring data via testing equipment and sensors. The application would also facilitate communication between the patient and the staff, and management of equipment orders. The goal is to create an intelligent application to make home dialysis easy and problem-free for both the patient and professionals.

Research is part of the eCare for Me development project.

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More information

Anja Kajanne, Project Manager, anja.kajanne[at]
Virpi Rauta, MD, Nephrologist, EMBA, PhD, Homedialysis, Nephrology, Abdominal Center, Helsinki University Central Hospital, virpi.rauta[at]