FractAid - Distal Radius Fractures Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Tool

Distal radius Fracture (DRF) is the most common fracture of human body. DRF is diagnosed with clinical examination and x-ray pictures. DRFs are treated with splinting or operative treatment if needed. Diagnostic problems and problems in choosing the correct treatment occur generally and can result in unnecessary morbidity and costs. In this project, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is developed to aid clinicians and radiologist to assess wrist x-ray pictures. FRACTAID solution will be some of the first AI break-troughs in the field of orthopedic medical imaging and it will pave the ground for it. FRACTAID is applicable to duplicate for other fractures and further implementations too.

More Information

Mirka Tammi, Project Director, mirka.tammi[at]
Jorma Ryhänen, Head of Hand Surgery (HUS), jorma.ryhanen[at]