Virtual hospital provides better services to more people

Living with a long-term illness can be supported with the help of virtual services, and patients provided with support for self-monitoring. The importance of anticipatory care will also increase and the possibilities for people to maintain their well-being will improve substantially. In addition, digital health services harmonise and develop care processes. At the same time, they make the work in the healthcare sector smoother and more diverse.

The project's central outcome is the Terveyskylä.fi ('Health Village') digital health service. It provides information and support for citizens, care for patients and tools for professionals. The service comprises various themed virtual houses. By the end of 2018, more than 30 houses and services will be available for more than 90 groups of patients.

The project makes healthcare services available to all Finns regardless of their place of residence and income level, thus improving the equality of citizens. Digital services are especially well suited for monitoring the quality of life, symptoms and lifestyle, and also for living with a long-term illness before and during treatment and in the monitoring stage of the treatment. The services complement the traditional treatment pathways.

More information

Timo Makkonen, Project Manager, timo.t.makkonen[at]