From Data to Health

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BC Platforms is a bioinformatics software company specializing in secure genomic data management and interpretation. From Data to Personalized Health, BC Platforms brings doctors, scientists, bioinformaticians, data managers, and biobanks together in order for them to understand the power of their data and apply it to further scientific Research and Development to develop targeted therapies for patients. BC Platforms’ vision is to increase the understanding of the biology of disease to personalize healthcare. With over twenty years of experience, BC Platforms has developed cutting edge technologies to enable precision medicine.

The Data-driven transition to Precision Medicine

Genetic data production and integration into healthcare is rapidly accelerating with the rise of new technologies and consumer interest. Though this is a promising development in the field, it demands significant resource allocation and process improvements. Accordingly, there is a growing need worldwide for digital healthcare solutions to manage all types of patient data in a secure environment.

BC Platforms aims to address some of these biggest healthcare challenges by leveraging the convergence of genomics, information technologies, and clinical data. Our high performing data management platform enables flexible data integration, with tools ranging from sample collection, secure analysis, and interpretation of molecular and clinical information translated into actionable reports. These functionalities, and our overarching goals, fit well into CleverHealth Network, which brings together expert Finnish health technologies and clinical specialists to create a powerful ecosystem of data-driven resources. This system is extremely impactful in improving healthcare in Finland, as it combines knowledge across industries, including healthcare technology companies, expert clinicians, and researchers together with reservoirs of high-quality health data. Such a comprehensive solution will revolutionize modern healthcare and drive the transition to personalized treatment with efficient, informed patient care tactics.