BCB Medical – Bringing Data To Life

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BCB Medical is the Nordic market leader in gathering and analyzing clinical data. Our mission is to combine, analyze and present clinical data gathered from various sources in an understandable format so that current and future generations can live healthier lives.

“Our aim is to revolutionize the way clinical data impacts people’s lives. We help doctors provide better care for their patients and help them develop new, life-enhancing forms of treatment,” says Petteri Viljanen, CEO of BCB Medical.

The unique service package consists of disease-specific quality registers intended for health care professionals, a smart integration platform, and the Omavointi service that engages patients in their care. The package is complemented by the BCB 360 information service, which allows for the use of clinical data in an unprecedented way.

BCB Medical is involved in strengthening Finland's position as the leading country for health technology

The clinical disease-specific quality registers provide information that can also be used in the future in the internationalization of Finnish health technology.

“We at BCB believe that Finland can become the European hub for health technology. In the context of internationalization, we are involved, among other things, in the CleverHealth Network ecosystem coordinated by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, where companies and the best experts in health care are working together to develop better care for the Finns and successful health technology export products for companies,” Viljanen says.