Technologies and information streams for the provision of health services

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The promotion of well-being and the production of health services require technology and cooperation among various partners. Success depends on how well information flows and systems work together across boundaries.

IT service company CGI is a system supplier with decades of experience in Finnish health care and the development of IT for health and social services. CGI's systems are used to manage the health and social services data of more than three million Finns.

The development and operating principles of CGI include technological independence and openness toward different system environments, ecosystems and models of cooperation, such as the CleverHealth Network.

In concrete terms, technical openness is reflected, among other things, in the interface transparency of systems delivered to the health and social services sector and in open source solutions. These make it easy for health and social service providers to avoid being dependent on a single supplier and to combine or renew their systems completely freely.

The systems supplied by CGI are the beating heart of end-to-end solutions that rely on dozens of systems and numerous service providers. The company is constantly involved as a supplier in many large-scale multi-supplier projects that are of critical importance to society and business. In these projects, smooth cooperation – both among partners and competitors – is vital to ensure security of supply and another national interests.

Export channels to and best practices from the world

In Finland, CGI employs more than 400 experts specialized in the health and social services sector – among them not only software experts but also end users, such as physicians, nurses and social service professionals. Their knowledge and know-how of the health and social services sector are at a very high level, also internationally. As a result, Finland is one of the most important centers of expertise in product development and competence in the global group. This is due to long-term cooperation with hospital districts and cities as well as several private health and social service providers.

The role of the Finnish organization as the group's health and social services IT hub provides CGI’s ecosystem partners with a potential channel for the development of international sales of innovations. The company's customers include numerous public and private sector actors in different countries, including the UK National Health Service (NHS) and, in the US, Orlando Health, Memorial Hermann and Veteran Affairs, which cares for millions of veterans.

CGI's international networks also allow for faster adoption of globally developed technological innovations and best practices in Finland.