Microsoft brings the latest technologies to health care

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Microsoft is the enabler of digital change in the era of smart cloud and connected smart devices. Microsoft's mission is to help every person and organization in the world achieve more. In the CleverHealth Network ecosystem, Microsoft plays a key role in supporting HUS Helsinki University Hospital and partner companies in the use of technology.

“The strength of the CleverHealth Network is a wide range of leading players who work together to improve health and develop Finnish health care. It is great that Finnish top-tier technology expertise has been harnessed to one common goal,” says Mikko Pulkkinen, Director, Public Sector at Microsoft Oy.

Technological development brings enormous opportunities for health care. Thanks to technology, large amounts of data can be used through data pools, artificial intelligence and analytics, among other things, in proactive health care, in more accurate diagnostics and in personal medicine. This benefits both individual patients and healthcare professionals.

Finland as a pioneer in health care

Finnish health care already sets an example for other countries in many respects, and the CleverHealth Network has a great opportunity to create more advanced healthcare solutions and to bring them to the world.

“As a major international player, we can help our partners export solutions from the CleverHealth Network to the international market. We have a global partner network and, in Finland alone, it includes hundreds of companies,” says Pulkkinen.

As a technology supplier, Microsoft is keen to support partners in all projects.