Health technology company Planmeca involved in digital health innovation ecosystem

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Planmeca Oy is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental care equipment, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. Our product range covers digital dental units, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices, and comprehensive CAD/CAM and software solutions.

Planmeca is the world's largest privately held company in the field and is renowned for its pioneering R&D and design. Planmeca Oy is the parent company of Planmeca Group, operating in the health technology sector. The Group's turnover is more than EUR 700 million (2017), and it employs nearly 2,800 people worldwide.

Planmeca believes in Finnish know-how

Strong faith in Finnish know-how and product development is one of the key factors in the international success of Planmeca. For nearly half a century, the company has been driving dental patient care with its groundbreaking health technology solutions. The company's care units, imaging equipment and software solutions are still designed and manufactured in Finland.

Planmeca believes that high-quality education, investment in research and cooperation between different actors are the cornerstones of technological excellence and development. It is therefore particularly important for the company to communicate the message of Finnish high-tech pioneering to the world, together with international customers and partners.

“We are living an exciting time in a digitalizing world. Finland is exceptionally well-poised to develop innovations in high technology and health technology that can change the world,” says Heikki Kyöstilä, Founder and CEO of Planmeca Group.

Innovations do not create themselves

The CleverHealth Network offers Planmeca the opportunity to further strengthen cooperation with other industry actors.

“Innovations don’t come out of thin air: they require scientific research and effective cooperation. Ecosystem projects combine the expertise of the business world, the clinical excellence of HUS Helsinki University Hospital and the health data in its high-quality data pool,” says Tuomas Lokki, Deputy CEO of Planmeca.

“Such models of cooperation are a prerequisite for new innovations. We look forward to seeing what new solutions and productizable services the cooperation brings,” he says.