Data as an accelerator for business development and new innovations

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Tieto is involved in the CleverHealth Network ecosystem, participating actively in, for example, the innovation and implementation of data-based applications and the construction of new features in patient information systems. A key feature of the CleverHealth Network's projects is the HUS data lake, developed by HUS Helsinki University Hospital IT and Tieto.

“The data lake is a so-called big data solution that allows you to collect scattered data agilely from different HUS information systems and bring it together. In addition, the data lake enables the combination of data related to the same individual and improves, for example, the quality of data in text format, so that it can be used more effectively in artificial intelligence applications,” says Matti Ristimäki, Director, Data-Driven Business.

The HUS-DataLake solution speeds up the data-gathering process for the end users – doctors, researchers and the administration of HUS – as they are now able to gather patients’ medical data more easily than ever. It is now possible to focus on the analytics itself, as there is no longer a need to individually harvest data from each of the different data systems.

New opportunities for health technology innovations

The data lake provides significant benefits for health care development. It can be used to create unique prediction models for both individuals and wider groups using data.

In addition to contributing to the well-being of Finns, the integrated HUS-DataLake also creates business opportunities. Through collaborations with IT professionals and organisations, healthcare data gathered by HUS can be used directly in research and development for cutting-edge healthcare services and products. However, this development process does not require changes in ownership of individual patient health records. The data uses pseudonyms, so personal medical information cannot be used to identify individual people.

At present, we are continuing to develop the DataLake with HUS to create even more high-quality, innovative and cost-effective healthcare for Finns – and medical innovations for all of society.

Matti Ristimäki
Director, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto
+358 40 748 7373

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