Finnish ecosystem of health innovations continues to grow

Two new business members have joined the CleverHealth Network, an ecosystem of digital health innovations. The latest members of the community, coordinated by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), are pharmaceutical company Takeda and an artificial intelligence startup called Productivity Leap.

CleverHealth Network, established in 2017, is a health technology ecosystem in which companies and health care experts develop better treatment solutions for Finns and successful export products for companies. Kari Natunen is the CEO of Productivity Leap, a startup that recently joined the network. Natunen knows the potential of the ecosystem, having previously been a member of the steering group of the CleverHealth Network.

  • CleverHealth Network is globally one of the best health care ecosystems in terms of utilizing data. As a company focused on artificial intelligence, we want to develop new data-driven innovations in cooperation with clinicians. With our high level of expertise, we can make extensive use of health data, Natunen explains.

The CleverHealth Network is currently running four separate development projects, from which the most extensive project features a total of three sub-projects. In addition, several new projects are in a preparatory phase. The development projects combine HUS’s clinical expertise, company cooperation and utilization of HUS’s health data, which is comparable on a global scale in terms of quality and extensivity.

Accompanied by large international companies

The members in the CleverHealth Network represent a wide range of companies that are specialized in data collection and analysis, software, genomic data as well as health technology devices and applications. Takeda brings the perspective and know-how of investigative pharmaceutical industry to the network.

  • We are honored to be selected as the first biopharma company of CleverHealth Network. We believe that the collaboration with the members in CleverHealth Network will lead to innovative and sustainable health care solutions, which will benefit both patients and health care professionals, says Isabel Torres, General Manager from Takeda.

With the additions of Takeda and Productivity Leap, CleverHealth Network has now 14 company members. In addition to HUS, BCB Medical, BC Platforms, CGI, Elisa, Fujitsu, GE, Innofactor, Microsoft, Noona, Planmeca and Tieto are already members of the network.

  • I’m really pleased that the ecosystem continues to grow. Takeda and Productivity Leap bring tremendous amounts of expertise and new possibilities for innovations, says Project Director Mirka Tammi of CleverHealth Network.

CleverHealth Network is the first ecosystem that has been granted a Growth Engine status and a significant additional funding for development purposes by Business Finland. The Growth Engine status is granted to the most promising ecosystems that have the preconditions to generate significant investments and financial results in Finland.

Additional information:

  • Mirka Tammi, CleverHealth Network -Project Director, HUS, tel. +358 40 657 5331,
  • Kari Natunen, CEO, Productivity Leap, tel. +358 40 836 9962,
  • Saku Schmidt, Business Unit Director, Takeda, tel. +358 40 709 4686,