Fujitsu Finland co-develops a digital service to support treatment of gestational diabetes

Fujitsu Finland is part of one of the first projects launched by the CleverHealth Network ecosystem. The project team has been co-developing a digital solution to promote the health of pregnant mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes and their unborn babies. The collaboration project eMOM GDM between Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), Aalto university, Fujitsu and Elisa has made excellent progress thanks to a project team committed to a common goal. Ville Väärälä from Fujitsu Finland shares the latest news about the project. 

The eMOM GDM collaboration project, which has received part of its funding from Business Finland, has now completed the development of the mobile application’s user interface. The application is meant to support the treatment of the mother-to-be by measuring her glucose levels, physical activity, nutrition, heart rate and daily weight, with cloud-based data being accessible in real time. If required, the application will guide the mother to a healthier lifestyle. These measures aim to preventive actions that can affect the future health of the unborn baby, too.

Mobile user application ready for clinical tests

In the project, Fujitsu Finland developed the user interface together with Elisa from the data management point of view. The user interfaces supporting the treatment process, for patients and care personnel alike, are now ready for further development.  According to Business Development Manager Ville Väärälä for Fujitsu Finland, the initial results of the project are as expected, and the solution seems to work as planned.

What comes next in the project is to find ways to use the patient data collected at the piloting phase and harness AI to create prediction models to prevent illness and guide the patients’ lifestyle.

Evidence-based care at the core of the development work

Ville Väärälä explains that at Fujitsu Finland, the health care sector represents their biggest business in relation to total revenue. Health technologies are one the key focus areas in Fujitsu’s strategy, into which Fujitsu wants to invest. Fujitsu’s mission is to develop solutions and services that benefit customers and bring wellbeing for both the citizens and the society.

Evidence-based care is the essence of Fujitsu’s health technology development work. Globally acclaimed  HUS, Finnish technology expertise and its high level of maturity were the factors that originally prompted Fujitsu Finland to join the HUS-led CleverHealth Network. The Fujitsu HQ in Tokyo was also supportive to the decision to invest into R&D and innovation work taking place in Finland. Owing to the CleverHealth Network project, Fujitsu has already identified new research spin-offs and remarkable potential for new applications.

Highly committed project team takes the project to new heights

In joining the CleverHealth Network collaboration, Fujitsu’s goal is to develop world-class health technology solutions for commercialisation and global sales. Participation in the project provides a framework for co-development between public and private sectors. Väärälä says: ”Genuine ecosystem development is gradually being introduced at Fujitsu, but in the Finnish CleverHealth Network project, we have reached a unique situation where we are operating as equals with different organisations to reach a common goal.”

Väärälä is very impressed by the strong commitment of the HUS team leading the project. Strong input and will to take the project forward have become obvious while working with Seppo Heinonen (Senior Medical Director, Professor Director, Gynecology and Obstetrics) and the project’s research manager Saila Koivusalo (Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, M.D. PhD, Adjunct Professor, Development Manager). The project team has been a strong success factor for the project.  

Being part of the CHN collaboration has also promoted the visibility of Fujitsu Finland’s health technology capabilities on corporate level. Ville Väärälä is looking forward to a global Fujitsu ActivateNow2021 virtual event in October, where he will join a panel discussion, getting a chance to share the latest news about the health technology project of Fujitsu Finland to a wide audience.