HUS recognised for healthcare IT ecosystem

Microsoft awarded HUS with an Intelligent Health award for creating the CleverHealth Network.

The CleverHealth Network, which has been in operation for a year now, is tasked with creating new healthcare IT services and solutions for the global healthcare market.

The award was presented at a Microsoft EMEA event held in Brussels on 4 December 2018. HUS IT Development Director Mikko Rotonen accepted the award on behalf of HUS.

In the justification for the award, Neil Jordan, Microsoft’s General Manager of Worldwide Health, stated that HUS has performed groundbreaking work in creating the ecosystem and in the development of Precision Medicine.

The CleverHealth Network brings together HUS’s clinical expertise and data lake of clinical data to form a new service platform that promotes development and can be utilized by operators and researchers in the ecosystem.

Further information about the CleverHealth Network is available here.