Hewlett Packard Enterprise joins CleverHealth Network

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is excited to start collaborating with the CleverHealth Network ecosystem and exploring new areas in health care technology together with the ecosystem led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). HPE provides technology solutions as a service from edge to cloud, and enables their customers develop their operations based on the added value of data. As a member of the CHN provider of enterprise systems and services, HPE will bring in their expertise on AI, analytics, and data usage, all very central themes in CleverHealth Network projects. 

As a background, Chief Technology Officer Ari Saareks from HPE explains how in 2015, Hewlett Packard Company divided their business operations into two separate companies, HP and HPE. HP continues to provide laptops, printers, and other devices to their customers worldwide. HPE has decades of experience in enabling transformation and innovation to bring better ways of working and living. This provides HPE with  a solid ground to offer unique, open and intelligent technology solutions as a service. Wide portfolio covers cloud, networking and storage solutions, computing, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence, all as a service.  

HPE is very strong in innovating new technologies and maintains close contacts with technology developers and researchers creating innovations for the future.The company has a specific research arm called Hewlett Packard Labs to drive innovations worldwide.  

In Finland, HPE has been providing HUS with general ICT services such as service desk and service management services, but thfuture collaboration expands the horizon to innovation and collaboration with other innovative partners within the CleverHealth Network. Ari Saareks says that HPE can introduce novel and innovative technologies to the CHN ecosystem. For example, the possibilities of swarm learning - decentralised machine learning - and 5G functionalities which enable combining private and public IT in a data-secure way. 

According to Services Client Executive Pia Sandman from HPE, the company is very interestedin bringing their technology expertise to CHN projectsShe says: “It is important for us to harness our expertise and make use of our existing technology innovations to help people struggling with health issues to improve the quality of life, and enable healthcare professionals to respond to the ever-increasing demands in the sector. 

Ari Saareks sums up: ”We are interested in hearing the challenges the other CHN members are trying to tackle and bring our take on solving them. It is exciting to be part of this ecosystem and find new partners within, for example, pharmaceutical companies and develop new solutions.” Pia continues:I hope that in our activities, we can together help innovate solutions to improve preventive healthcare practices, to shorten queues, and to ease the workload of the healthcare professionals.” 

The HPE team working within the CHN ecosystem is looking forward to learning more about the ecosystem, its ongoing and future projects, and hopes to get connected with other players in the upcoming events organised for the ecosystem.  

More information: HPE website