Significant EU funding for implementing value-based cancer care at European cancer hospitals

Picture: HUS

The EU has awarded 7 MEUR to HUS Helsinki University Hospital led Consortium, which aims to unlock the full potential of real-world data collected in European cancer hospitals. This projectalso including several actors from the CleverHealth Network ecosystem, will support the implementation of safer, more efficient, and personalized novel cancer therapies. 

Real-time data at the core of the project 

“To implement value-based cancer care, real-world data on the cost-effectiveness of treatments is needed in realtime,states the project lead, senior medical director in oncology,Johanna Mattson. 

The ONCOVALUE project aims to increase the capabilities of European cancer hospitals to easily and timely collect real-world data (RWD). Systematic collection and analysis of clinical data is needed for the continuous development of treatment and improvement of outcomes. Real-time high-quality clinical data also supports the decision making of regulatory and HTA bodies on the value of novel cancer therapies. At its bestthe ONCOVALUE project may also enhance the commissioning of effective novel therapies. RWD also enables the identification of the patient groups that do not get any benefit of a specific therapy, thus helping to target the treatments to patients with favorable response. 

Novel AI-based tools to automate the collection and analytics of data 

The consortium partners aim to develop novel AI-based tools to automate the collection and analytics of clinical data. Additionally, an end-to-end infrastructure for RWD reporting in health regulatory and HTA decisionmaking will be built. Furthermore, ONCOVALUE will ensure the implementation of the developed guidelines and methodologies by providing related training.  

By opening the door to widespread regulatory and HTA integration of RWD, ONCOVALUE will lead to safer, more efficient, and affordable therapies, technologies, and digital solutions for (personalized) cancer care. As such, ONCOVALUE is positioned to contribute to increase cost-effectiveness and sustainability of cancer care. Systematic collection and evaluation of the patients’ reported outcomes will also lead to improved well-being of the patients. In the long term, the implementation of value-based cancer care at European cancer hospitals will aid in reducing the growing burden of cancer treatment in the EU and worldwide. 

Bringing together a Consortium of leading cancer hospitals and industry partners  

The Consortium consists of several leading European cancer hospitals and industry partners specialized in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and communications. TheCleverHealth Network partners BC Platforms and Siemens Healthineers bring their solutions and expertise to the project.  

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms said:  “This latest partnership with ONCOVALUE is part of our rapidly expanding Trusted Collaborative Environment (TRE) solution. BC Platforms TRE solutions used in this program entail technical architecture and implementation of federated data network, data analysis and reporting tools, and Open Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing the data network.  

Corporate Account Executive Ossi Koskinen from Siemens Healthineers stated: “Siemens Healthineers actively works with AI-supported innovations that drive greater efficiency and highly effective patient outcomes in cancer care at every step of the way – from the first appointment to treatment planning and delivery and to follow-up care. We are proud to be part of this EU funded pioneering work in a consortium formed by several leading European cancer hospitals and industry partners.” 

Technology Officer Pekka Kahri from HUS concluded: “While building the consortium and coordinating the project preparation, CleverHealth Network ecosystem and its collaborative drive have been great assets and helped a lot in putting together a winning proposal for the EU.  

The ONCOVALUE Consortium: HUS Helsinki University Hospital (FI), Stichting Het Nederlands Kanker Instituut-Anton (NL), Elevate BV (NL), IQVIA Solutions BV (NL), Rigshospitalet Copenhagen University Hospital (DK), BC Platforms LTD OY (FI), Siemens Healthcare GMBH (GER), Instituto Portugues de Oncologia do Porto (PT), Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio deiTumori "Dino Amadori" (IT), CIAOTech Srl (IT), TTOPSTART BV (NL). 

More information: 

Johanna Mattson, Senior Medical Director in Oncology, HUS Helsinki University Hospital,, +358 50 427 9165