Building modern digital health care and welfare organizations together

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Innofactor is a leading provider of digitalization and cloud solutions in the Nordic countries. Our task is to help our customers digitalize their business, promote a collaborative way of working, and develop their business processes by utilizing secure cloud services. We employ approximately 600 enthusiastic and motivated top professionals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. We serve more than 1,500 customers in the commercial, public, and third sectors. The five-year growth rate of our net sales in 2013–2017 was over 20 percent annually on average. Innofactor is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

We implement solutions for the needs of the health and social services sector in the Nordic countries, and we continuously invest in health care digital services. We know how to design, implement and successfully introduce digital services and solutions, taking into account the specificities of the sector, and understand how the benefits of digital health and welfare services can be fully implemented to the benefit of patients, health care professionals and service providers. Innofactor has been awarded ISO 13485:2016 certification.

Digitalization of health care and welfare

With the digitalization of our society, patients also expect health care organizations to provide real-time fast response, more personalized services and effortless accessibility. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud, IoT and other modern technologies enable new solutions to care design and delivery. Seamless provision of digital and physical care is particularly emphasized in countries where citizens have the freedom to choose between public and private services.

Modern IT solutions are implemented from the cloud and it is important for health and social services organizations in particular to ensure that this is done in a controlled way with a high level of information security. Our solutions highlight security, patient privacy and compliance with GDPR requirements, and we believe that the collection and analysis of customer health data, as well as drawing conclusions based on it, are the operational basis of future health and social services organizations.

The modern digital health and social services organization offers personalized health and social services to its customers, increases the efficiency of experts and makes their daily work more meaningful. It enhances self-service and provides access to the latest productivity tools.

“The most important thing for us is to serve our customers' needs as well as possible. We strive to be the best in the Nordic countries in what we do, and it requires us to focus on our strengths, such as citizens' digital services, self-care solutions and cloud services. This ecosystem has tremendous potential for finding partners whose strengths complement our skills. In this way, we can together serve our customers better,” says  Hannu Laesvuori, Director, Healthcare Solutions at Innofactor.

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